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Version History

kmlcsv-2.2.1        01/29/2014

  1. (BUG) NullPointerException when executing FileServiceImpl.getChildElement(…). This happens when user saves a placemark entered as an address instead of a specific coordinate.
  2. (BUG) Map does not refresh when user selects a different file.

kmlcsv-2.2.0        11/25/2010

  1. Displayed POIs from selected file in Google Maps.
  2. Supported more character encodings.
  3. Upgraded RCP framework version.

kmlcsv-2.1.1        05/03/2010

  1. Added an option in the Configuration dialog that allows user to specify the character encoding to be either UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1.

kmlcsv-2.1.0        12/24/2008

  1. Rewrote the entire software using Eclipse RCP framework.
  2. Significant improvement in performance when reading/write big files. Unlike the previous release where file content are stored into memory first, this new release streams the content directly into the viewer/file.
  3. Added a tree viewer that monitors the watched folder to provide user quick access to KML/CSV files.
  4. Richer configuration settings that allow user to specify:-
    1. the mapping between KML tag and CSV field.
    2. how to handle line break.
    3. whether overwrite an existing file or not.
  5. Added quick launcher where user can specify Google Earth and Garmin POI Loader executable application files for quick access.
  6. Cross platform compatibility, runs in Windows, Mac and Linux.

kmlcsv-2.0.1        08/14/2008

  1. Used UTF-8 format when generating flat file to preserve special characters, which otherwise be replaced by ? character.
  2. Instead of hard-coding \n for line break, used system line break to promote tool portability in future.

kmlcsv-2.0.0        07/26/2007

  1. Renamed application from “Google Earth KML/CSV Converter” to “KMLCSV Converter”.
  2. Kept each placemark information truly at one line in the CSV file. If the comment has line breaks, they are replaced with <br> tag.
  3. Double quote are escaped with another double quote to ensure they are balanced and prevents parsing error in CSV file.
  4. The version check at tool startup occasionally freezes the application especially for those who has slow Internet connection. Now, this version check is handled in the separate thread and this allows the application to be used in parallel with this version check.
  5. Fixed: Application throws exception when “Create” button is clicked without CSV input file.
  6. Alphabetically sort the loaded table content by name.
  7. Increased application window from 640×480 to 800×600.
  8. Increased table column sizes.
  9. Added console viewer.
  10. Moved instruction above table content.
  11. Always clear the console messages when “Browse” and “Created” buttons are clicked.
  12. Instead of displaying message on pop up dialog, it is now written in the console viewer.
  13. Added splash screen.
  14. Replaced application icon.

kmlcsv-1.0.1        05/16/2007

  1. Installer now checks for the right JRE version before performing the installation.
  2. Changed the update checker URL to a more stable location.

kmlcsv-1.0.0        05/07/2007

  1. NEW FEATURE: Converts from CSV to KML.
  2. Requires at least JRE v5.x to run. This program also works with JRE v6.x compatible.
  3. Removed author name from the shell title bar.
  4. Refactored overall framework design by utilizing some well known design patterns.
  5. Fixed a bug where the document XML parser won’t parse certain KML files.
  6. Parsed the coordinates based on <Point> tag rather the <LookAt> tag because <Point> tag seems to be more reliable and consistently exists in all <Placemark> tags.
  7. Added “Bug Report” and “Leave Feedback” links under “Help” menu item.

kmlcsv-0.0.3        02/19/2007

  1. Added auto update checker in the system tray.
  2. Set the default file location to be user home directory in the file dialog browser instead of hard-coding it to c:\.

kmlcsv-0.0.2        02/03/2007

  1. Made the contents in the table editable. Once the KML file content is populated into the table, user can do last minute editing on the name and comment fields. The editable fields are represented in white color and the uneditable fields are in gray color. The name field is a required field and the comment field is an optional field.

kmlcsv-0.0.1        02/02/2007

  1. Added “Project Web Page”, “Find Updates” and “Tutorial”.

kmlcsv-0.0.0        01/24/2007

  1. Project start date.
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