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Donor Hall of Fame

These are the folks who have made “meaningful donations” to support my open source software development. There are more than 100,000 downloads to date, yet these folks’ actions speak louder than their words. To show my highest gratitude to them, I decided to list them here. I personally would like to thank YOU from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Petrus Pendragon from New Zealand.
    2. Curtis Oliver from Littleton, Colorado, United States.
    3. Kurt Haeflinger from Spring Valley, Minnesota, United States.
    4. Jacqueline Lee.
    5. Niall Duffy from Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.
    6. Joe Dunbar from Fairfax, Virginia, United States.
    7. Mehmet Burhan from Istanbul, Turkey.
    8. Luigi Del Ponte from Udine, Italy.
    9. SingleTrack Trading, LLC from Utah, United States.
    10. The Gorton Collection from Champaign, Illinois, United States.
    11. Dr Harald von der Osten from Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
    12. Larry Haas from New Caney, Texas, United States.
    13. Jamie Sarner from Toronto Real Estate, Canada.
    14. Julie Kinnear from Toronto MLS Listings, Canada.
    15. Heather Hadden, a Toronto Real Estate Agent, Canada.
    16. Lorne Marr from Life Insurance Canada, Canada.
    17. Brendon Lansdowne from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
    18. Arnaldo Valerio from Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil.
    19. Renato Maciel from Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil.
    20. Tom Pickren from Castle Rock, Colorado, United States.
    21. Bart Comeaux from Bartow, Florida, United States.
    22. Patrick Fogarty from Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
    23. Matt Kuryluk from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
    24. John Greenbury from Southport, QLD Australia.
    25. Dave Bachmann from Leander, Texas, United States.
    26. Peter Merry from Culemborg, Netherlands.
    27. George Van Kaam from California, United States.
    28. Magnus Lassi from Michigan, United States.
    29. Toni Zollikofer from München, Germany.
    30. <Your Name Could Be Here>
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