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Version History

docitout-1.3.0       03/17/2013

  1. Cross platform with Windows, Linux and Mac support. Works in both 32-bit and 64-bit OS.
  2. Replaced the directory listing on the top left with tree structure for cleaner visualization for projects with many subdirectories.
  3. Cleaner user interface. Reimplemented the entire UI.
  4. The generated output is cleaner and more polished.

docitout-1.2.0       11/29/2007

  1. Renamed application and changed all references from “Sasdoc” to “DocItOut”.

docitout-1.1.1       09/06/2007

  1. Fixed: DocItOut throws string out of bound exception when a /** comment block **/ exists before a macro call or at end of line.
  2. When “Generate Documentation” button is clicked, it now checks for the existence of the input and output folders first. The reason for that is the history field may have remembered folders that are already been deleted.

docitout-1.1.0       08/01/2007

  1. DocItOut now parses “filename” statement to be displayed in the web documentation.
  2. Fixed: When the text wraps to the next line(s) in the macro’s “return” tag, it only capture the text on the first line.
  3. Fixed: The links under “Libname Summary” section do not work.
  4. In the each file content page, the “Summary” and Detail” links on the top and bottom navigations are broken down into two rows instead of placing these links in one row. This enhances the display on lower resolution screen.
  5. Updated help file.

docitout-1.0.1       07/27/2007

  1. Added splash screen.

docitout-1.0.0       07/24/2007

  1. Added history list feature remembers the latest ten project settings. This enables user to select a project from the list instead of retyping the configuration again.
  2. Added a logo and a help file in the generated documentation files.

docitout-0.1.1       07/23/2007

  1. Fixed: When user scrolls the console to the top, the font color loses the original color and becomes black.
  2. Displays hand cursor on button’s mouseover event.
  3. Fixed: When “Generate Documentation” button is clicked, the console freezes for a moment before displaying the log messages.
  4. Much detailed log messages when parsing and generating the documentation.

docitout-0.1.0       07/17/2007

  1. Beta release.

docitout-0.0.0       06/01/2007

  1. Project start date.
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