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Splash Screen

DocItOut - Splash Screen


Windows: Main Screen

  • Running DocItOut is as easy as it can ever be. The configuration takes three input values: project name, input directory and output directory. These input values MUST exist.
  • The input directory represents the root directory of the project source codes. A root directory may consist of several subdirectories of source codes. DocItOut will recursively traverse all subdirectories to look for file name that has “.sas” suffix. Other file formats will not be parsed.
  • The output directory represents the directory to store the generated web documentation. Please note the content in this directory will be automatically overwritten if exists.

  • Once the “Generate Documentation” is clicked, DocItOut streams out logging information into the console. Finally, you shall copy the web link (highlighted in red) and paste it in your web browser to view the generated documentation.

Overview Page

The “Overview” page displays the summary of the source code directories.

Directory Page

The “Directory” page displays the summary of the source code files.

File Page

The “File” page displays a detailed documentation of the selected source code file.

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