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Welcome to my open source project world! I spend a lot of time writing software. If the software may be useful to other folks, I will make it an open source software to be shared with anyone in the world… for free. My software are usually custom tailored to my own needs, but I do take considerations from folks using them, if the requests make sense and if I have spare time to work on them. I do not gain anything from doing this, but I hope those who enjoy using the software will donate to help me to maintain the software and the web hosting. I know everyone likes free stuff, especially very useful software… I love free stuff too, but things that are free to you don’t necessary mean it is free for me.

If you enjoy using my software, good for you and I hope it makes a positive difference in your daily tasks.

If you donate, I humbly thank you for appreciating my effort to maintain the software and the web hosting.